What is coaching?

Coaching is a trusting collaboration and motivational process that supports you through conversations and introduces you to tools that are tailor-made for you to help you achieve your goals. In coaching conversations, we focus on the present and the future rather than the past.

Who am I coaching?

Are you a student, master's student, PhD student, postdoc or university employee? Would you like to be less stressed, overcome exam anxiety or become better at handling conflicts with your supervisor, colleagues or fellow students? Or do you want to get better at writing theses and scientific articles? Then coaching with me is something for you. As your coach and mentor, I will help you to overcome your challenges. I will motivate and support you to achieve your goals regardless of your professional background. I coach in English 🇬🇧, Danish 🇩🇰 or German 🇩🇪.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I am sure that we will find the right solution for you.

How does coaching work with me?

Clarification of expectations: We can start with a short non-binding telephone conversation (approx. 15 minutes), where we discuss the areas in which you need help and support.

Coaching sessions: My coaching sessions are held both online and physically and I offer both single sessions or packages of 5 coaching sessions. If you wish to continue after our first session, the price for your first session will be included as part of the package.

Online sessions take place via Zoom, Teams, Skype or similar and can be tailored to you, so you can be coached in the most comfortable surroundings at your preferred time of the day. The advantage of the online sessions is that you can be coached wherever you are without having to drive or cycle anywhere.

Together with me, you will start by making a plan for how to move forward and we will find solutions that work best for you. I will help and support you all the way to the finish line.



Would you like to become better at understanding what drives you and how to manage your expectations better? Would you like to better maintain your motivation and concentration?

Do you want to get better at prioritizing, setting realistic goals and achieving them? Would you like to have hands-on planning tools to use in your daily life?

Would you like to get more balance between your working and private life? Would you like to get stress management tools that help you prevent or reduce stress?


Would you like to improve the relations to your supervisor(s) and colleagues? Would you like to get acquainted with communication and conflict management tools?


Understand how to handle frustrations, when things don’t work the expected way.


Are you ready to plan the next steps of your career? Do you want to know more about your transferable skills? Academia or industry? Do you want to learn more about how to use LinkedIn and how to write a good CV.


Would you like to become more self-confident and less nervous, when giving a presentation in front of an audience? Would you like to learn how to communicate your ideas more clearly?


Get better at academic writing (thesis, articles) and overcome your writer’s block.


Do something about your exam anxiety and obtain strategies how to be calmer and more relaxed in an exam situation.


I offer full-day workshops in English, Danish or German within the areas specified below. If you prefer a half-day workshop or a shorter presentation instead of a full-day workshop, please contact me with your ideas and suggestions.

Together with you, the workshops can be tailored to your group’s or organization’s needs.



The purpose of the course is to give you a better understanding of the nature of conflicts that take place in your workplace. In the workshop, we will look at the typical mechanisms of conflicts and the emotional reactions they trigger. You will moreover gain hands-on tools that you can use to resolve conflicts in a constructive way. There will be presentations, exercises and group discussions.


  • How and when do conflicts arise?
  • The nature of conflicts – what does it take for conflicts to escalated or de-escalate?
  • Power and roles during conflicts, which (emotional) reactions typically occur during conflicts?
  • Recognizing signs of conflicts in good time and preventing conflict escalation
  • Communication mechanisms that can resolve conflicts
  • Tools for conflict management
  • Mediation of conflicts between disputing parties


This workshop will focus on how to reduce stress and keep up motivation. At this workshop we will share knowledge and bring it into play: There will be presentations, exercises and group discussions.


  • What is stress?
  • What are stress symptoms and how is stress caused?
  • How can stress be prevented?
  • Obtain stress management tools: What can you as a leader or colleague do, when you see that another colleague is not thriving?
  • How do stress and challenges at work or in social relations
  • What do motivation and personal preferences have to do with stress?


Do you control time or does it control you? Do you find that your work is piling up, that you are stressed and that you do not have time to do all the things you would like to do? Then this workshop will give you the opportunity to reflect on how to effectively utilize your own resources, get more out of working time and not be a slave to time. The workshop consists of short presentations, discussions and exercises.


  • Proactive vs. Reactive - are you working on the leading edge or the trailing edge?
  • Set realistic goals and achieve them
  • Become better at setting priorities
  • Get introduced to different planning tools you can use in your daily life
  • Know the activities that steal most of your time
  • What if an urgent task suddenly requires your attention?
  • How to maintain motivation and concentration


This workshop provides an overview on structuring oral presentations to catch the listeners attention. Do you want to learn how to make your message understandable and create interest in your message? Do you want to be confident and calm when standing up in front of many people? Then this workshop is something for you.


  • Prepare presentations with focus on maintaining the common thread and a logical structure
  • Be less nervous and more relaxed and calmer when giving a presentation in front of an audience
  • Create a convincing first impression
  • Maintain credibility and good contact with the audience
  • Communicate ideas clearly
  • The importance of positive and attentive body language
  • Entertain and convince your audience and keep your audience’s attention


My name is Andrea Heinz, and I am a trained pharmacist from Germany with a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences. Over the past 16 years, I have worked as a researcher and teacher at universities in New Zealand (University of Otago) and Germany (Martin-Luther-Universität), before starting my job as an Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Copenhagen in 2016.

I have a lot of experience with teaching and presenting in front of smaller and larger audiences of up to 250 people, and I have taught over 2000 national and international students over the last couple of years. In addition, I have a strong expertise in exams, writing academic texts and generally with work-related stress, conflicts and working relations.

From my own experience both as a student and teacher, I have an intimate knowledge of the challenges students are exposed to. That is what inspired me to make a difference and help others, who – like you – struggle with similar issues. Therefore, I have taken an education as a coach within typical student challenges as well as conflicts, stress and working relations.

For the past 2 years, I have coached students at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Roskilde University (RUC). In addition, I have also supported students at the University of Copenhagen (KU), who have difficulties in their student life due to ADHD or autism.


– Themes we have worked with included stress management, difficulties during the last year of the PhD, how to better plan and organize my time; industry vs academia decision making, and dealing with emotions. Most important benefits from the coaching: a lot of self-reflection and a very concrete set of tools and concepts to work with afterwards. All the times I went out from Andrea´s office, I felt like a new, reinvigorated and energized person. More empowered and willing to do things.


– We worked with my supervisor relationship, management of stress & fear regarding my PhD but also academic work in general as well as finding motivation and structure. I liked that you were open to “all” of my issues that I felt needed to be discussed. It was also really helpful that you facilitated a categorization of them, i.e., made me decide/realize what was urgent and important and what could maybe wait.


– We worked with planning my work, structure of supervisor meetings and article writing. Talking to someone who’s been through a PhD and now still is in academia on “the other side” has been very beneficial for me. You really understand the struggles and are very good at making me reflect on my situation and suggest tools that have benefitted how I work, both more structured and focused. I always felt very motivated after our sessions which has been great. Thank you very much for a learning and motivating process.



– Emner vi arbejdede med omfatter planlægning, målsætning og overbevisninger. Vigtigste udbytte er nok: Tro og Håb, som kommer af dit gode engagement. Dernæst er det nok den refleksion jeg selv har opnået ved dine gode spørgsmål. Det har været og er en fornøjelse, at samtale med dig, også fordi du er så empatisk et menneske.


– The themes we worked with involved dealing with stress, organization of tasks and to-do’s and including relaxation into my planning. Before we started it was very unclear for me what exactly the topics/goal of the coaching could be. During our first session you made this clear and also gave the possibility to pursue different directions, based on what was needed for me, which I appreciated.




I am an ACTP (Accredited coach training program) certified life and business coach and have a master's specialization in stress, conflict and relations coaching. I am bound by the ethical rules of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and confidentiality. Please feel free to contact me in English, Danish or German.

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